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January 30, 2024

How to Create a Successful Hispanic Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing
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Influencer marketing has become a critical component of most successful campaigns.

Whether you’re focused on building an awareness-generating PR campaign or developing a long-term marketing relationship and cultivating customer loyalty.  Virtually all brands today serve multicultural communities. With the continued growth of the U.S. Hispanic community, and the rapidly-increasing affluence and buying power among U.S. Hispanics, brands need to consider their multicultural marketing approach and how Hispanic influencer marketing can fit into their plans.  

We’ve put together some best practices for incorporating Hispanic influencers into your multicultural marketing campaigns:

1. Create authentic connections

If you’re looking to incorporate Hispanic influencer marketing into your overall marketing strategy, really invest in it. That means investing both money AND time.  To build successful campaigns long-term, you need to create lasting alignment between your product and your influencer’s audience. For example, a beauty brand might consider engaging a group of Latina beauty influencers to do seasonal style updates instead of using them for a single promo. Building that relationship over time means that the influencer’s audience begins to associate you with them; the trust they’ve developed with the influencer begins to impact the way they see your brand as well.  

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2. Strive for engagement

You want to make sure you’re reaching the RIGHT people, not necessarily the most people. When you partner with influencers who have strong audience engagement, you give your brand the best chance to be both seen and heard. When well-respected Hispanic influencers speak, their audiences listen.

For example, Latina TikToker and Instagram influencer Delyanne Barros (@DelyanneTheMoneyCoach) has built a strong base of engaged followers. She grew by sharing her personal financial path and found an audience hungry for accessible money management guidance.  

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

3. Give your influencers flexibility

You may be a successful multicultural marketing pro, someone who’s seasoned at building PR campaigns and marketing programs. So are your Hispanic influencer partners.  Many of them are working full-time in the field, running their own successful marketing businesses, and spending hours each day learning and strategizing about their social platforms and presence.  

Instead of coming to them with your own prescriptive vision of a successful campaign, shift your mindset and consider them as partners. Whether they’re Latina beauty influencers, mom bloggers or TikTokers, they’ll have knowledge of what works with their platforms and audiences. Give them the opportunity to share their own ideas on the types of content that might work best alongside the other components of your multicultural marketing campaigns. They can also offer guidance on posting frequency and on the messages that are most likely to resonate with their audiences.  And, make room for you both to be flexible as the campaign goes on. Can you tweak a message or experiment with something playful? Your Hispanic influencer partner can probably give you great feedback on what’s worked for them in the past, and help you brainstorm on keeping your successful campaign generating visibility and responses.  

4. Consider microinfluencers

Bigger isn’t always better. Micro-influencers can get the job done, often more successfully and affordably than an influencer with millions of followers. You want to ensure you’re getting the right combination of reach and engagement for your brand. Micro-influencers often have fiercely loyal audiences and are able to do more direct engagement with their followers.  70 percent of millennial consumers report that their peers influence their buying decisions. They want to hear from someone who looks like them and faces the same challenges. Hispanic micro-influencers can fit the bill, especially when you’re reaching out through multicultural marketing/PR.  

Building a successful multicultural marketing campaign requires finding new ways to reach your audience and capture their attention. Using Hispanic influencer marketing partnerships can give you a new channel to create awareness and lasting influence for your products.  

If you need support with developing a Hispanic influencer marketing or PR campaign, Twin Minds Media can support your brand as you increase visibility with your multicultural audiences.

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