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We go beyond the traditional
public relations approach.

From data journalism and content creation to media and influencer relations we ensure your brand message reaches the right people through the right channels.

pr communications services for digital first brands

Our services are for digital-first brands:

  • Committed to growing their presence and impact in the U.S. Hispanic and LATAM markets
  • Seeking an agency team with extensive Hispanic media expertise
  • Looking for honest and transparent
    PR practices
  • That understand that when it comes to agencies, bigger is not necessarily better

Areas of expertise

Culturally attuned, insights-driven and forward-thinking PR strategies that capture interest, drive engagement and genuinely connect with the Hispanic community.

An integral part of our everyday PR work, effective media relations can help organizations earn media coverage to shape public perception and achieve their communication goals. By crafting the right story angles for the right audiences, we get your name in the media on a regular basis.

At TMM, we are committed to understanding your business and work with you to define and amplify your unique identity and authority within your industry. From bylines and opinion columns to interviews, guest posts and speaking engagements, our thought leadership program is focused on positioning you as a recognizable expert and leading voice in your field.

Data provides a foundation of credibility, transparency, and expertise that bolsters trust and cements leadership. By harnessing internally curated or third-party data, we can proactively identify emerging trends and craft compelling narratives to ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve and top of mind in the ever-accelerating news cycle.

Data-driven content, such as infographics, reports, and whitepapers, can be valuable assets and enticing resources to attract the attention of journalists and secure media coverage.  Our bilingual proficiency allows us to tailor your strategy and craft messages and campaigns that are not just intelligible but genuinely relatable to the Hispanic community.

From the grand opening of a new business location to a product launch activation or a behind-the-scenes media tour, events are a very effective PR tactic to bring a brand’s message to life by creating immersive experiences. At TMM, we help brands leverage in-person and virtual events to spark media and influencer interest, resulting in increased exposure and widespread buzz.

Influencer collaborations allow for a true surround sound communication effort where the target audience is reached at multiple touchpoints. Our goal with every influencer marketing campaign is to create a strategy that truly maximizes your resources and identifies the best influencer partners to amplify your messages across social media.

Through comprehensive one-on-one interview prep and educational resources, our media training program equips spokespeople with the skills to be effective communicators ensuring that your organization's messages are accurately and positively portrayed across different media environments while maintaining professionalism and credibility.

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