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January 30, 2024

10 Hispanic Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

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Hispanic influencers are the best-kept secret in the multicultural marketing world.

These innovative, dynamic thought leaders are creating valuable content and building relationships with their loyal, digital media-savvy audiences. Whether they are mom bloggers like Laura Fuentes, Latina TikTokers like Vanessa Amaro or Latina beauty influencers like Monica Veloz, there are plenty of Hispanic and Latina influencers who are ready and well-qualified to be part of your next successful campaign.  

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Wondering why Hispanic influencer marketing matters and how you can leverage it for your brand’s efforts? We’ve pulled together 10 Hispanic influencer marketing stats that can help you understand and tap into their value for your next multicultural PR campaign.  

  • Hispanic families hold around $1.5 trillion in purchasing power. They’re also growing more affluent; the number of Hispanic households with more than $125,000 in annual income has grown by 81 percent in the past five years. (Source: Nielsen, Hispanic Houston)
  • By 2060, Latinas will make up 30 percent of the United States’ total female population. (Source: Nielsen) They’re a demographic that should be at the centerpiece of your multicultural marketing and PR campaigns.  
  • Latina influencers have the ability to impact buying decisions, as they are heavily clustered in industries that place a premium on trust and authenticity - lifestyle (34.2 percent), beauty (18.8 percent), and family and parenting (17.1 percent). (Source: SocialPubli)
  • Latinos have the highest rate of entrepreneurship of any group in the US, with 12.5 percent growth over the past five years. They’re focused on building better lives for their families and can appreciate/empathize with the Latina influencers who are doing the same. (Source: Mckinsey)
  • Hispanic households are very digitally connected, with virtually all households (97 percent) using internet in the home or owning a smartphone. (Source: Pew Research, Nielsen)
  • Hispanics are very brand loyal and place a premium on word of mouth. Hispanics who are still in the process of acculturating to the US tend to be even more loyal to specific brands. Hearing about brands from an influencer they trust can help them make lasting decisions on products, many of which are even passed down through generations. (Source: Convenience Store News)
  • Nearly two-thirds of Hispanics in the US use social media. Hispanic influencers have the ability to make strong connections through social, especially on Instagram, which remains the platform of choice for Latina influencers. (Source: Insider Intelligence)
  • Hispanics are open to testing new platforms. Hispanics make up the highest proportion of users on new social platforms like TikTok. Brands can use influencers to connect and experiment with multicultural marketing messages on newer platforms while they are still developing. (Source: Pew Research)
  • Latina influencers are mindful of inclusion and can bring that same strategic thoughtfulness to work with your brand. 98.3 percent of Latina influencers consider a brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when deciding whether to collaborate and 64.4 percent rank diversity and inclusion as a “very important” differentiator.” (Source: SocialPubli)
  • Hispanic influencers are not always fairly compensated. While many Latina influencers dedicate themselves to developing a strong social presence, more than half feel they are not fairly compensated. By building a comprehensive plan that includes fair compensation, you can gain a lasting, loyal partner for your brand’s multicultural PR or marketing efforts. (Source: SocialPubli)

As 2023 begins, many companies are reevaluating their marketing programs and determining where to invest their resources. If you’re considering a multicultural PR campaign or looking for support with influencer marketing strategy/implementation, Twin Minds Media can help. Reach out and let’s talk about your brand’s marketing needs and goals.

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