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January 30, 2024

Your 3-Part Checklist for Creating a Successful PR Event

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Planning an event is a lot of work – from the strategic vision to ensuring every detail goes correctly at the event. You want to get as much mileage as possible from your hard work, which means you need a PR strategy to maximize the amount of free event publicity you can garner for your brand.  

We’ve put together a PR event plan to help you maximize your brand’s visibility before, during and after your event. Keep reading to start building your PR strategy:  

Before the event

  • Set goals. What do you hope to get from this event? Who do you hope will connect with your brand because of this event? Knowing the answers to those questions will help you decide how to market your event. Decide who your key audience is, and what you want them to take away from interacting with you and the brand.  
  • Start making connections with the right people long before the event starts. Are there influencers who resonate with your audience? See if you can build a relationship with them. Is there a reporter who has shown interest in similar topics? Make sure they’re on your media list and that there’s something relevant for them at your event.  
  • Start sharing early. You can create a hashtag for your event and use it to give behind-the-scenes looks as you prepare. You can also send out press releases or share information incrementally ( a launch release, a release for wraparound events, etc.), so you keep the audience interested in the final product.  

Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

During the event

  • Capture photography and video. Create a shot list of pictures or video segments that will tell the story of your event and your brand.  Make sure you’re getting a mix of corporate staged photos/videos and content that will work well across your social platforms.  
  • Consider live social. Contracting with influencers can give you some extra hands-on PR for events. Consider an account takeover from an influencer during the event, or work with them to strategize posts that get across your key message in their own style.  
  • Make it easy for your attendees. If you have a photo booth or some great photo areas set up at your event, make it easy for guests to share. Display your social handles and event hashtag prominently, and encourage guests to use them when they share their photos, etc.  
  • Know your key points. Think back to the goals in your PR event plan and make sure you’re prepared to speak to reporters and VIP attendees using those talking points. Staying consistent as you network or as you’re interviewed can continue to position the brand for success.  

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After the event

  • Reach out. Even if a reporter didn’t make it to your event, they might still be able to help tell your story and provide some free event publicity post-event. Offer to share b-roll footage or images that make it easy for them to publish. Consider a press release highlighting the results (funds raised, winner announcements, etc.). If a reporter did attend/cover the event, send a note to thank them.  
  • Tell your own story. If the event was a tremendous success, say so! Get your story out there on your website, blog and social platforms.
  • Follow up on social. Make people feel like they were there. Share some post-event photos, video, etc. Make sure you thank your influencers for their support and see whether you can repurpose any of their content on your accounts.
  • Look back and assess. Following the event, determine what went well and what you might change in your PR strategy for the next big event. Did you meet your goals? Where would you do things differently next time?  

The life of a PR professional is always busy. By the time you wrap up this event, it might already be time to start working on your next PR event plan!  If you need support with developing a PR strategy that will maximize reach and help you achieve your goals for your next event, Twin Minds Media can help. Our team provides comprehensive PR strategy and PR for events to enhance clients’ brand visibility and connect them with their target audiences. Reach out to learn more about what we offer and how we can support your brand.

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