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With PR efforts exclusively relegated to the trade sector for several years, public television network HITN reached out to Twin Minds Media to launch a consumer PR program that would drive widespread awareness and boost brand visibility among U.S. Hispanics.


The Twin Minds Media team developed and launched an always-on PR program focused on continuous pitching to digital, print, and broadcast outlets that would allow HITN to secure a consistent and steady flow of media mentions.

Although not a newcomer by any means, HITN was new in the consumer media space, and getting our foot in the door meant starting, first and foremost, by introducing the brand to the media and making sure HITN was top-of-mind and on their radar at all times. The program was anchored on an ongoing PR outreach strategy combined with content marketing and influencer marketing as complements that would be activated strategically on a case-by-case basis.

The goal was to communicate an overarching PR message to reflect HITN’s mission to educate and entertain Hispanic families while providing individualized support for hero platforms, TV programming, and community initiatives within the organization’s umbrella, including, Vida y Salud, Tu Planeta, and Estudio DC.

The team employed a variety of the following approaches to garner the media’s attention and cultivate relationships with journalists and influencers at a local and national level.

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PR efforts have helped to boost HITN’s brand recognition and reputation on and offline, carving out a space for the public TV network in the US Hispanic media landscape among industry giants Univision and Telemundo.

Consistent and strategic outreach has been effective in shaping journalists’ and consumers’ perception of HITN, propelling the brand to be seen as a leading producer of quality educational and entertainment content for Hispanic families.

On the social media front, third-party endorsements from influencers have helped to build awareness and generate buzz for the brand across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The network and its on-air talent have been featured in high-quality top-tier media outlets including USA Today, CNN en Español, Univision NY, Univision Chicago, People en Español, Yahoo Vida y Estilo, MSN Latino, The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Diario las Américas, El Diario NY, La Opinion, Actualidad Radio and Caracol Radio, among many others.

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January 2020 - Present


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